Application History

Sept 2015

Now here it is. Fresh from the labs of comes the all new Radar Stick. See air traffic live and in front of you. Get your own receiver and be your own radar. No network connection required at all! Who needs these feeds? This thing works just everywere.

Mar 2015

Our Radar Spotter app takes a big step. New features like virtual contrails and airline logos arrive at the user interface. In the background there was a major refactoring of all the code, resulting in an even faster experience. But be prepared of what comes next ...

Oct 2013

After a one year outage the recycling of old code is completed, google in-app-billing and lots of improvements implemented into our new app Radar Spotter. A second version of our idea is released to the market (and there is more to come!).

Sept 2013

Not giving up finding a data provider, there appears a white knight in the form of AirNav systems LLC, the most professional provider of air traffic and radar data all over the world. Again we have a data feed and start building a new team and begin coding instantly.

Nov 2012

We have to stop all action, because our data provider frauded us and we cannot get any license or new partner to replace him. Sadly enough also the team breaks up and the servers are shut down. Probably forever.

Mar - Nov 2012

Updates and bugfixes follow and our app is getting more stable, featureness and more popular. We reach 100.000 downloads by June and 200.000 downloads by October. This thing is flying.

Feb 2012

Beta testers did a great job and revealed some major bugs which we would rather not have in a first release. First public version is released 15th Feb 2012.

Jan 2012

Our prototype is complete and beta tests begin as of 5th of Jan 2012.

Nov 2011

The pieces are together and coding begins. Small test applications dedicated to special topics like how to use the camera, how to read the sensors, etc help us to get forward quickly, because none of us did some Android coding before. (But we have years of experience in C++, JEE and client server applications in general).

Oct 2011

More brainstroming reveals, that every aspect of such an app is known to mankind, but noone succeeded in building a pure AR application dedicated to radar spotting. The ones that do exist at the time are pure unsatisfactory, slow, buggy and unreliable.

Sept 2011

First idea of a mobile application to get information about flights in the sky using a smartphone. After some googling we found out there already exist apps, showing flights on a map, but the feeling stays that this isn't the easiest way. Proof of theorem gives a session with a laptop sitting outside on a sunny day trying to figure out which flight could be which. Further brainstorming gave the conclusion, that only augmented reality could really save the issue of comparing maps with what you see in a real world. The project SkySpy is born.