List of devices with known problems

HTC Droid Incredible 2

One user reported this app crashed all the time, but we cannot tell if this is true or if it was caused by our app. If you are using the same phone, please tell us if it crashes or not or under what circumstances crashes appear. (support at radarworkx dot com) Thank You!

Huawei Ideos

App doesn't work at at all, because the sensors of that device do not work correctly, which makes the compass unusable.

Google Nexus (some old versions)

We have taken this device from our compatibility list, because the magnetometer sensor is heavily disturbed by the phone's speaker. (The google guys put the sensor next to the speaker. Thank you genious!) This makes the compass unusable and we are getting 1-star ratings froms nexus users. Sorry, no nexus and nexus crespo supported.

Medion LifeTab 9514 + 9516

We had to take this kind of device from the compatibility list. The cause is an error in the devices firmware that crashes the app. Of course we cannot fix any bug in the firmware. See ... "We get a Application Report from a User "stackTrace":"java.lang.NullPointerException\n\tat android.webkit.WebViewDatabase.initDatabase(" ...

Samsung Galaxy S2 & Samsung Galaxy I9000

Users reported that the camera view sometimes just turns black and stays black until the app is restarted. This is a known bug that is caused by the driver which supplies the camera preview (seems to be a timing problem). We are working on this bug, but did'nt find any promising yet. If this happens, just close and reopen the app. If this does'nt work, try to reset the app in the task manager. Some people reported, this does not happen if the instructions tab is turned off (use menu to toggle instructions)

Samsung Galaxy S3

UPDATE: Since version 1.2 that problem is fixed. If you still encounter this bug, please contact us at support(at)radarworkx(dot)com!
Almost all devices show the odd behaviour that when pointing over / under the horizon, the compass rotates by 180 degrees. We are working on that problem.