Android Radar Spotter

What is it?

Radar Spotter is an android app which helps finding aircraft information rapidly. Our unique concept enables you to grab the info in nearly no time. Start the app and point your phone to the aircraft in the sky like taking a photograph with your camera. Then touch your device screen. That is all you have to do! It has never been easier to see what's going on overhead.

How to use?

It's as simple as it can be!

Open the camera tab by tapping on it.
Point you phone to the sky like taking a photo of the plane.
Move until the crosshair points to the target and a little box locks to it.
Tap anywhere on the screen and the app will switch to the details tab.
Now you can read all the info about this plane.

Read documentation and find out more.

Why choose us?

There are various internet sites providing you with live radar views and radar apps. Why choose this one? We are the fastest, because we restrict to targets you can actually spot at your location. As we do not deliver a huge amount of unnecessary data, we are also the leanest when it comes to your bandwith consumption. We are focussed on usability, not on eye candy or round-edged-boxes-with-colored-gradients. No unnecessary clicks with our unique concept. We are the quickest when the question comes to find the target. What could be easier than pointing to the aircraft you want details for?

Read concept and find out more.

How does it work?

Seems like magic, but of course it's not! This app is built from three main components: First, a live data feed which tells what planes are around. Second, the orientation of your device in 3D space. Third, and this is the most difficult: Some complex mathematics which take into account your position, each plane's position, the direction you are pointing the phone and the camera view. Putting all these facts together enables you to see an augmentation in your display.

Read augmented reality and find out more.

Need help?

If you have problems using the app, try one of the following: FAQ for the most frequently asked questions. Devices if you have problems getting the app up or running. Change history to see the release notes for new features and latest bugfixes.